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For more advice, like how to find someone who appreciates you and balances you out, read on!Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship. Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out.Favorite activities: making fun of bad movies together, craft beer tastings, late-night pizza and gigglefests.

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Favorite activities: working on side-projects, networking, brainstorming ideas together.

To you, life is incomplete without a large circle of friends.

In your ideal world, you and your boo would have a pretty full calendar of dinners, parties, and events, surrounding yourself in interesting and quirky and people and never hesitating to make some new friends.

Favorite activities: dinner parties, birthday parties, double dates. To you, it ain't love if it isn't something you have to work for, and there's nothing more delicious to you than months (or even years) or sexual tension finally coming to a head. Favorite activities: Late nights at the office together, running into them on accident at a bar, impromptu midnight trips to the beach.

But even then, you want to be someone who dates your S. You're the type of person who, when asked to list their heroes, instantly says either your mom or your dad.

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