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Why Would Some Guys Give Up on All Relationships With Women?

There are many potential reasons why guys might give up on women.

While some of these involve past experiences with women, there are many other reasons that this could happen.1.

High Stress This stress could be from work, societal responsibilities or a past relationship.

Even though a logical part of his mind realizes that this cannot possibly be true, he can’t get over his past childhood trauma and move on.

Because of this, he can’t date anyone or can only trust a partner after years of her proving that she will not just leave him like his mother.5.

If he can’t find a woman who matches his drive, he may give up dating women entirely.4.

Divorces and Breakups A divorce is one of the most traumatic things that you can experience.

It ranks just after a death of a loved one in stress and emotional turmoil.

If someone has gone through a bad divorce or a bad breakup, then they may give up on women entirely.

While they know that the next person they date may be different, they just cannot take that risk anymore.

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