Intimidatingly good looking

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People who love baseball tend to overrate the All-Star Game and its importance.

Because MLB (mostly) has All-Star Week to itself -- though MLS and the WNBA would beg to differ -- there's an outdated belief that everyone, desperate for sports in the dead of summer, are all gathering around their televisions to see the best baseball has to offer.

I'm an open guy, and quite confident, but not stuck up. It just seems like girls are really "scared" of me...

And it's a place where you sort of feel like your best self.

But is there such thing as if your too good looking, girls would be scared of you?

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I have read AV is intimidating as it is, I have experimented with doses from 1-8 drops over the last year, no matter what the dose I never seem to get any IOI at all, yet here I read about guys getting IOI's left right and centre.

The only mone that "seems" to have worked is Androstadienone paired with AV, I havent tried it solo.

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