Stop hating dating

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Therefore, a good thing to keep your spirits up can be to treat yourself.Life is too short, after all, to deny yourself some treats.A great way to start moving forward and looking at what you can change in your life to make it better, is to get organised.Spend a weekend going through your home and clearing the hell out of it.

It gets you outside in the (hopefully) sunshine and getting to see the whole of life as you walk around can be really grounding and calming. This is practically a Part II of the previous step, but as someone who used to look at the gym as something people did when they were feeling particularly masochistic, I can actually say I enjoy it now.Life is a mystery and it can be a minefield to get through. The important part is picking yourself back up and keeping walking forward. Charity is something that is often thrown around as an accessory to human behaviour—how many celebrities have you read about who have done something heinous, but are defended by the phrase “but [they] do charity work”? If you think you’re at breaking point, go help other people.People in the world out there will be going through the same things that you are going through and while you might not run into someone who’s going through the exact same circumstances, you will be helping people who need help.Sometimes the best thing you can do is let it all out.Keeping things that are making you hate life all bottled up is neither helpful to getting out of that cycle nor healthy for your overall wellbeing.

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    So after that I naturally shied away from women altogether for a little while, and made a conscious effort to stay away from anyone with a boyfriend for even longer.

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