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James Loney meets that need, and provides the defense the Rays desire. Loney was discarded in the Punto trade between Los Angeles and Boston as an expiring contract, and expectedly so.Loney was in the midst of his worst offensive production in his career.Peña was never a poor defender, but where he was paid to slug home runs, Loney's ability with the glove was enough to merit three years of confidence from the front office -- who I would like to note, have detailed systems to track defense we can only dream about. It's not fun to just ask everyone to trust the office's process, though. Loney is adventurous with his range (averaging over 31 plays out of zone per season), deliberate in his decisions to track down balls Zobrist would be fine to field (often leaving the pitcher to cover first base), and strong with his throws when necessary (starting a league-high 16 double plays last season).During the Winter Meetings, Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman each spoke of their desire to have a left handed first baseman and a batter who would excel against right handed pitching added to starting line up.

As you can see, the front office has been loathe to hand out guarantees.

Most remarkable of all, James Loney becomes the first player to receive three years guaranteed as a free agent since Andrew Friedman took over operations in 2005.

Longoria lauded Loney earlier in the off-season, crediting the returning first baseman's, "calming influence, the way he plays the game, the way he cares about the game, just everything in general." With no disrespect to the likes of Carlos Peña and Casey Kotchman, Longoria said Loney is, "probably the best total package I've played with over there at first," via

In other words, Loney's worst month last season had a far greater sway on his season total of offensive production than his best month.

Of course all the months count, but I'll take sustained success with brief but extreme failure over sustained failure with brief but extreme success any day.

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